【1919】 群星《LOVE STORIES 爱情故事》(6CD) WAV+CUE【沙洲海洋整理】

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【1919】 群星《LOVE STORIES 爱情故事》(6CD) WAV+CUE【沙洲海洋整理】


专辑名称:LOVE STORIES 爱情故事(6CD)
华纳唱片2010新年/情人节巨献杂锦精选专辑《Love Stories》,6CD收录九十首划时代精选情歌,好歌包括: Saving All My Love For You、You’re Beautiful、My Heart Will Go On、Better Man、My Love、I Write The Songs、Ocean Deep、I’m Yours、That Why You Go Away、True、Un-Break My Heart等,当中必定有一首是你、我、他的爱情故事。
CD 1
01. My Heart Will Go On 我心永恒 - Celine Dion
02. Saving All My Love For You 为你珍藏我全部的爱- Whitney Houston
03. Un-Break My Heart 别让我心碎- Toni Braxton
04. Have I Told You Lately 最近我有没有跟你说- Rod Stewart
05. Better Man 好男人- Robbie Williams
06. You're Beautiful 你如此美丽- James Blunt
07. I'm Yours 非妳莫属 - Jason Mraz
08. Everytime You Go Away 每当你离去- Paul Yound
09. It Must Have Been Love 那一定是爱 - Roxette
10. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 黯然神伤- Bonnie Tyler
11. Because Of You 因为你- Kelly Clarkson
12. Home 家 - Michael Buble
13. All Out Of Love 失落的爱- Air Supply
14. Best Of Me 最好的我- Daniel Powter
15. Ocean Deep 情深似海 - Cliff Richard
CD 2
01. My Love 我的爱 - Westlife
02. I Knew I Loved You 我知道我爱你- Savage Garden
03. Eternal Flame 永恒之火 - Bangles
04. From A Distance 在远方- Bette Midler
05. How Do I Live 没有你我怎么活- LeAnn Rimes
06. Only Love 唯有爱- Trademark
07. You Took My Heart Away 你带走了我的心- Michael Learns To Rock
08. I Believe I Can Fly 我相信我能飞- R.Kelly
09. I Swear 我发誓- All-4-One
10. You Raise Me Up 你鼓舞了我- Josh Groban
11. Time To Say Goodbye 是时候说再见了 - Sarah Brightman
12. Angel 天使- Sarah McLachlan
13. True 真爱- Spandau Ballet
14. Time After Time 一次又一次- Cyndi Lauper
15. I Want To Know What Love Is 情为何物- Foreigner
CD 3
01. Crazy For You 为你疯狂- Madonna
02. I'll Never Break You Heart 我不再伤你心 - Backstreet Boys
03. I Turn To You 芳心归处- Christina Aguilera
04. Kiss From A Rose 玫瑰之吻- Seal
05. I'll Never Love This Way Again 我将不再如此爱你- Dionne Warwick
06. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You 此情永不移- George Benson
07. Right Here Waiting此情可待 - Richard Marx
08. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You 没有你我怎么活- Michael Bolton
09. That's Why You Go Away 那就是你离去的原因- Michael Learns To Rock
10. Kiss Me吻我 - Sixpence None The Richer
11. I Don't Want To Talk About It 不想再说- Rod Stewart
12. Jesus To A Child 耶稣关爱孩子 - George Michael
13. Don't Know Why 不知为何- Norah Jones
14. Happy Ever After永远幸福 - Julia Fordham
15. Songbird 音乐鸟- Kenny G
CD 4
01. Against All Odds 困难重重 - Phil Collins
02. Hard To Say I'm Sorry 难说抱歉 - Chicago
03. Can't Fight This Feeling 无法抗拒这感觉- Reo Speedwagon
04. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 没有什么可以阻止我们 - Starship
05. Listen To Your Heart 倾听你的心 - Roxette
06. There You'll Be 你将在这里- Faith Hill
07. The Power Of Love 爱的力量 - Jennifer Rush
08. Rush Rush 匆忙- Paula Abdul
09. I've Been In Love Before 我曾坠入爱河- Cutting Crew
10. Just The Way You Are你的方式 - Billy Joel
11. Masterpiece 杰作- Atlantic Starr
12. Runaway 落荒而逃- The Corrs
13. A Shoulder To Cry On 可依靠的肩膀 - Tommy Page
14. Because I Love You 因为我爱你 - Shakin' Stevens
15. Longer 漫长- Dan Fogelberg
CD 5
01. I Dreamed A Dream 我曾有梦- Elaine Paige
02. Miss You Like Crazy 疯狂想念你 - Natalie Cole
03. Supperwoman 女超人 - Karyn White
04. Note To God 给上帝的字条- Charice
05. Lost In Your Eyes迷失在你眼里 - Debbie Gibson
06. Bizarre Love Triangle 纠缠三角恋- Frente!
07. Heaven Knows 天知道- Rick Price
08. Open Arms 张开双臂 - Journey
09. Shower Me With Your Love 沉浸爱河 - Surface
10. Pretty Boy 帅气男孩- M2M
11. When I See You Smile 当我看见妳微笑- Bad English
12. After The Love Has Gone 当爱己逝 - Earth Wind & Fire
13. I Write The Songs 我写了那首歌 - Barry Manilow
14. The Rose 爱的蔷薇 - Bette Midler
15. Goodbye Girl 再见女郎 - David Gates
CD 6
01. Torn 撕裂 - Natalie Imbruglia
02. You're In Love 你在爱里 - Wilson Phillips
03. Waiting For A Girl Like You 等一个象你一样的女孩 - Foreigner
04. Forever Young 青春永驻- Alpha Ville
05. Turn Back The Clock 把钟拨慢- Johnny Hates Jazz
06. Love Is Love 爱就是爱 - Culture Club
07. Hands To Heaven 向天祈福 - Breathe
08. What Can I Do 我能做什么 - The Corrs
09. Anything For You 一切为你 - Gloria Estefan
10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 一见钟情 - George Michael
11. Love Changes Everything 爱改变一切 - Climie Fisher
12. The Day You Went Away 你离去的那一天 - M2M
13. Circle In The Sand 沙滩上的圈圈- Belinda Carlisle
14. To Be With You 与你同在- Mr. Big
15. (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You忍不住爱上你 - UB40



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