【5798】Various Artists《Maxi Disco Vol.2 (I Love 80s)》2CD 2008 [正版CD低速原抓WAV+CUE]

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【5798】Various Artists《Maxi Disco Vol.2 (I Love 80s)》2CD  2008 [正版CD低速原抓WAV+CUE]

01.Sabrina - Boys (Extended Dance Mix)
02.Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Maxi Version)
03.Creative Connection - Call My Name (Extended Version)
04.Debut De Soiree - Nuit De Folie (Maxi Version)
05.Bolero - I Wish (Maxi Version)
06.Lazarus - Wait (Maxi Version)
07.Sandy Wilson - Give Me Your Love Tonight (Maxi Version)
08.Reeds - In Your Eyes (Maxi Version)
09.Moulin Rouge - Stranger (Power Mix)
10.Rocky M - Look In My Heart ( Maxi Version)
11.Dead Or Alive - Someting In My House (Maxi Version)
12.Eddy Huntington - Phisical Attraction (Maxi Version)
01.Blue System - Magic Simphony (Extended Version)
02.Sandra - Everlasting Love (PLW 12 Mix)
03.Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight (Maxi Version)
04.Boytronic - I Will Survive (Single Vocal Maxi Mix)
05.Pet Shop Boys - In The Night (Extended Album Mix)
06.The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love) (Maxi Edit)
07.David Hasselhoff - Je T'Aime (Means I Love You) (Maxi Edit)
08.Rose Laurens - Africa (Maxi Version)
09.Gina T. - Tokyo By Night (Extended Version)
10.Roger Meno - I Find The Way (Maxi Album Version)
11.Joy Petters - One Night In Love (Maxi Version)
12.Fantastique - Maria No Mas (Extended Album Version)

13.New Romantique - She Like An Angel (Maxi Version)

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