【8843】VA - BEST '97-2002(Nothin' But The Best Dance Hits) 15CD FLAC

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【8843】VA - BEST '97-2002(Nothin' But The Best Dance Hits) 15CD FLAC

VA - BEST '97-2002 [Nothin' But The Best Dance Hits] [FLAC] (1997-2002)由Avex Trax香港分公司发行 是除了Disco外对内地影响最大的舞曲启蒙系列 除了当时最夯的Euro系 也夹杂着如House/Trance的电子乐类型 。

《Best - Nothin' But The Best Dance Hits》

Avex Trax公司上个世纪推出了一套经典DISCO舞曲系列。从96年开始推出舞曲系列 ,当中热度最高的是BEST 99 和 BEST 2000 。跳舞机 兔子舞 Club场必备经典都在此。微笑姐妹、Vengaboys、Toy-Box (泰山与珍妮)、Bambee 都是精选里的常客~~






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Best97 Vol.2 FLAC 分轨

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Best99 FLAC分轨

Best2001 Vol.2 FLAC 整轨

Best2002 Vol.2 FLAC 整轨

Best98 Vol.2 FLAC分轨 2CD

Best98 FLAC 整轨

Best2002 FLAC 整轨

试听来自 best2000



01.That Thing You Do (Party Dance Mix) - Boom Boom Club

02.Let's Live For Today - Dreamhouse

03.If - John Alford

04.Neighbourhood - Space

05.Words (Funky Dance Mix) - Funky Blue Idols

06.Don't Cry For Me Argentina (7'' Pre-Madonna Mix) - The Mike Flowers Pops

07.Colour Of Love - Amber

08.Open Your Eyes - Koko

09.I Don't Need Your Love - Angelina

10.Do You Miss Me (Energy Box Mix) - Jocelyn Enriquez

11.September - Clock

12.We Can Touch The Sky - Roxxy

13.Stars In The Night - Sonic Base

14.Un-Break My Heart (97' Pop Mix) - Days Of Heaven

15.Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - Jon Otis

16.The Hustler - D.F.S.

17.La Hora De Bailer - Sandy & Papo Mc

18.Since Yesterday - Gillette

19.Want Love (Ego Mix) - Sonic System

20.Breathe - Prodigy

Best'97 Vol.2

01.Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - N-Trance feat. Rod Stewart

02.Sha La La (New Edit) - Dreamhouse

03.Saturday Night - Sqeezer len

04.I'll Be Missing You (Dance Edit) - Terence Brown feat. Anna

05.Get It Right - Bed & BreakfastMola AdebisiSqeezer

06.Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag - The Pigs

07.Magic Carpet Ride (97'' Party Slim) - Mighty Dub Katz

08.Baby Come Around - 24th Street

09.The Tide Is High - Angelina

10.Like A Fool - Nylon Beat

11.Hey Jude - New Creation

12.Amigo - QT

13.Y.M.C.A. (Remix) - Village People

14.We're All Along - Newton

15.Break My Stride - Max A Million

16.U Sexy Thing - Clock

17.DJ Girl - Katalina

18.Da'Dip - MC Luscious

19.Feeling Horny - Sex Kraz'd Superstars

20.Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Elisha La'Verne


01.My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Dance) - Titanic All-Stars

02.Kung Fu Fighting - Bus Stop Featuring Carl Douglas

03.To Brazil - Vengaboys

04.Wa Wa Wa - Dancing In The Round (Closing Song For Nagano Winter Olypics '98) - Agharta

05.Hero - Miss Papaya

06.Paradise City - N-Trance

07.Stand Up - Sweet F.A.

08.That's The Way I Like It - Clock

09.Tubthumping (Tub Dance) - Chumbasamba

10.Titanic Theme - Titanic All-Stars

11.Torn (Dance Edit) - Nina

12.Popcorn - Koruption

13.Oye Como Va (Old School Mix) - Tito Puente Jr. & The Latin Rhythm Featu

14.La-La-La (Finish Dance Mix) - Nylon Beat

15.Truly Madly Deeply (Club Mix) - Club Boys

16.Jeopardy - Aria

17.Bg Tips, You Should Be Dancing - E-Sensual

18.Badda Bing Badda Boon - Big Bass

19.Matsuri - DJ Kobe

20.Huang Fei Hong - A Mosquito

Best'98 Vol.2


01. Tarzan Boy ('98 Remix) - Retroactive featuring Lee R

02. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Dance Mix) - Cecelia

03. Bailando - Nikki

04. Ring A Ling - Tiggy

05. Sunny Holiday - Solid Base

06. Dub I Dub - Me & My

07. Space Invaders - Hit 'N' Hide

08. Up And Down - Vengaboys

09. You're Still The One (Dance Mix) - Alana

10. Dancing Queen (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) - Abbacadabra

11. Latin Lover - Foxie

12. La Di Da - Bobby Summer

13. Give It Up - Funk Master

14. Singing - Dama

15. Stars On 45 - Funky 9ers

16. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - The Groove Generation featuring Leo Sayer


01. Loveline - Whoopee!

02. Come With Me To The Dancefloor - Melinda

03. Sunshine After The Rain - Berri

04. Shake Your Love - Katie Emme

05. The Yogi Song - The Three Bears

06. Physical - The Olivia Project

07. Gimme Gimme Gimme - Right On Time

08. Neveer Give Up - Black Force

09. Action Man - The Compton Boys

10. Breakaway - France Jolui

11. Hunting High & Low - Nhose

12. The Look Of Love - Eclipse

13. Ewdgy - Big Bass

14. Can You Feel It (Once Again) - Parkride

15. U Should e Dancing yeah - Star System

16. Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) - Black Nation



01.Tarzan & Jane - Toy Box

02.Boom Boom Boom Boom - Vengaboys

03.Butterfly - Smile

04.Calcutta - Dr. Bombay

05.Superhero - Daze

06.Horny - Mouse T vs Hot 'N' Juicy

07.If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better - The Temperer Featuring Maya

08.Vengaboys Megamix - Vengaboys

09.Supergirl - Papaya

10.Sundance - Hit 'N' Hide

11.Why - Tiggy

12.Believe - DJ Dano feat. Jayne

13.Mamma Mia - Abbacadabra

14.Chilly Cha Cha - Lottle

15.You Should B... - Blockster

16.Protect Your Mind - DJ Sakin & Friends

17.Heart Of The Ocean - Mythos N DJ Cosmo

18.If You Could Read My Mind - Star on 54

19.Mickey - Toni Basil

20.Jump Around - House Of Pain


01.Vengaboys' Megaxmix '99 - Vengaboys

02.Tarzan & Jane [Album Version] - Toy Box

03.Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Airplay Mix) - Vengaboys

04.Superhero - Daze

05.Butterfly - Smile

06.Chilly Cha Cha - Lottle

07.Why - Tiggy

08.If You Could Read My Mind - Star on 54

09.Horny [Radio Edit] - Mouse T vs Hot 'N' Juicy

10.Jump Around (Jason Nevins 2000 Radio Edit) - House Of Pain

11.You Should Be... (Radio Edit) - Blockster

12.Mamma Mia (Mamma Mary's Radio Mix) - Abbacadabra

13.If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better - The Temperer Featuring Maya

14.Promises - Various

15.Supergirl [Team 33 Radio Edit] - Papaya

16.Believe [Mighty Dance Mix] - DJ Dano feat. Jayne

17.Protect Your Mind [Vocal Edit] - DJ Sakin & Friends

18.Heart of the Ocean [Radio Mix] - Mythos N DJ Cosmo

19.Mickey [Jason Nevins Radio Remix] - Toni Basil

20.Sundance (Radio Mix) - Hit 'N' Hide


01.Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) - Vengaboys

02.Mambo No.5(A Little Bit Of…) (Extended Mix) - Lou Bega

03.This Is How We Do It - Solid Base

04.The Sailor Song - Toy-Box cdbao.net05.Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65

06.We're Going To Ibiza! (Hitclub Airplay Mix) - Vengaboys

07.Bam Bam Bam - Bambee

08.Ma Baker (Sash Remix) - Boney M

09.Megamix 2000 - Toy-Box (Tarzan & Jane, Sailor Song, E.T. & Best Friend)

10.Back In My Life - Alice Deejay

11.King Of My Castle - Wamdue Project

12.2 Times - Ann Lee

13.Don't Stop - ATB

14.Better Off Alone - DJ Jurgen Presents Alice Deejay

15.Heart Of Asia - Watergate

16.In Rain & Sunshine (Hagman's Radio) - Ai

17.Abracadabra - Tiggy

18.Tell Me Why - Prezioso feat. Marvin

19.Gimme Gotta Gimme (Metodo Mix) - Rikke

20.Unchained Melody - Mythos 'N DJ Cosmo



01.Doo-Be-Di-Boy - Smile

02.Superstar - Toy Box

03.Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Seduction

04.Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Hermes House Band

05.L'amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You) - Gigi D' Agostino

06.One In A Million (The Mystica Mix) - Bosson

07.Love One Another (Mystica Mix) - Amber

08.It's Raining Men - Brown Girls

09.Electronic Lady - Marque

10.In & Out - Crispy

11.Anywhere (Eiffel 65 Radio Mix) - Peach

12.Let Me Stay - Prezioso feat.Marvin

13.You Are Alive - Fragma

14.Lambada (Mike Tee Rmx Edit) - Female

15.1993 (Motivo Radio Mix) - Lips

16.Come Come Come - Hit 'N' Hide

17.Run Run Away - Dominoo

18.Be Your Lover - Marena

19.Let Me Love You (Hex Hector / Dezrok Radio Mix) - Da Buzz

20.Relax (Doomsday Mix Radio Edit) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood


01.Can't Get You Out Of My Head [Megamix] - Seduction

02.It's Raining Men [Megamix] - Brown Girls

03.Superstar [Megamix] - Toy Box

04.Doo Be Di Boy [Megamix] - Smile cdbao.net

05.Lambada [Megamix] - Female

06.Can't Take My Eyes Off You [Megamix] - Hermes House Band

07.1993 [Megamix] - Lips

08.Let Me Stay [Megamix] - Prezioso feat.Marvin

09.Anywhere [Megamix] - Peach

10.Come Come Come [Megamix] - Hit 'N' Hide

11.Let Me Love You [Megamix] - Da Buzz

12.You Are Alive [Megamix] - Fragma

13.Electronic Lady [Megamix] - Marque

14.L'amour Toujours [Megamix] - Gigi D' Agostino

15.In & Out [Megamix] - Crispy

16.Relax [Megamix] - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

17.Love One Another [Megamix] - Amber

18.Run Run Away [Megamix] - Dominoo

19.Be Your Lover [Megamix] - Marena

20.One In A Million [Megamix] - Bosson


01.Heaven is a place on earth [2002 Revival mix]-Wonderland

02.Hard to say I'm sorry-Aquagen

03.Get the party started-DJ Punk

04.Like a prayer-Mad house

05.Whenever wherever [Latin dance mix]-Selina

06.You spin me round [Like a record]-Gigi D'Agostino

07.Daddy DJ [Original mix]-Daddy DJ


09.Let U go [Airplay mix]-ATB

10.Hero [Latin dance mix]-Antonio

11.Over the mountain [Planet playground's radio edit]-Bosson

12.Country road [Extended party mix]-Hermes house band

13.Forever young 2002 [Kosmonova radio edit]-Interactive

14.I like it-Solidbase

15.Because the night-Jan Wayne

16.No time for lies-Salsotto Productions feat. DJ Stella

17.Back to life-Prezioso feat. Marvin

18.Freed from desire-7-7-0

19.So lonely-Jakatta

20.Close cover-Minimalistix 

Best'2002 Vol.2


01.Heaven - DJ Sammy

02.We Built This City - Dj Tom & Sam-Pling

03.Nessaja - Scooter

04.Billie-Jean - Sound Bluntz

05.Holiday - Mad House cdbao.net

06.Boys of Summer - DJ Sammy

07.Feels Like Heaven - Camino

08.E - Drunkenmunky

09.Sex Sells - Benefit

10.Escape - Antonio

11.Take Me Away - 4 Strings

12.Reason - Ian Van Dahl

13.Kiss Kiss - Husna

14.Superwoman 2002 - GTS

15.Time After Time - Nova Space

16.Moonlight Shadow - Groove Coverage

17.Summer is Calling - Aquagen

18.Only You - Jan Wayne

19.Careless Whisper - The Sax Brothers

20.Always On My Mind - DJ Quicksilver


01.Heaven [Megamix] - DJ Sammy

02.Moonlight Shadow [Megamix] - Groove Coverage

03.E [Megamix] - Drunkenmunky

04.Careless Whisper [Megamix] - The Sax Brothers

05.Nessaja [Megamix] - Scooter

06.Summer Is Calling [Megamix] - Aquagen

07.Always On My Mind [Megamix] - DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique

08.Time After Time [Megamix] - Nova Space

09.Boys of Summer [Megamix] - DJ Sammy

10.Reason [Megamix] - Ian Van Dahl

11.Take Me Away (Into The Night) [Megamix] - 4 Strings

12.Feels Like Heaven [Megamix] - Camino feat. Jeanna

13.We Built This City [Megamix] - DJ Tom & Sam-Pling feat. Starship 2002

14.Only You [Megamix] - Jan Wayne

15.Billie Jean [Megamix] - Sound Bluntz

16.Holiday [Megamix] - Mad House

17.Superwoman 2002 [Megamix] - GTS feat. Karyn White

18.Escape [Megamix] - Antonio

19.Sex Sells [Megamix] - Benefit

20.Kiss Kiss [Megamix] - Husna

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